Waste Skip Bin – Hazard Alert

At approximately 1.24 am on the morning of 14 October 2011, a construction skip bin positioned outside the Plaza building was set alight by an arsonist.

Fire damage occurred to the external wall, adjacent window and air-conditioning duct system within the Plaza building.  Rooms within the Plaza building and Hub Central became contaminated with smoke when the window adjacent to the skip broke. It was only at this point that the fire alarm activated, alerting occupants within the building, Security staff and the Fire Service. The fire was well ablaze at this point with flames extending externally to the height of 3 floors.

This incident impacted on the activities of staff and students and the smoke generated took some time to disperse before occupants were allowed to safely re-enter the building. It was noted that some students who were in the building at the time of the incident did not follow emergency procedures and evacuate the building on hearing the fire alarm signal. This is a breach of the University’s safety procedures and the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Legislation.

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