Changes to the Health and Safety Representative role and training

At the UHSC meeting held 27 March 2013, there was discussion around any specific changes/action required by Health and Safety Representatives following the introduction of WHS Legislation on 1/1/2013.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role and functions of the HSR has not changed under the new Legislation.  Your main role is to represent the workers in your work group and be consulted in matters relating to work health and safety as defined in the WHS Act.

Should you wish to review a detailed summary of the powers and functions of the Health and Safety Representative please go to Sections 68 and 69 of the WHS Act 2012 (SA).


Under the WHS transitional arrangements [Regulation 709(2)], existing HSR training under the old OHSW Act (1986) is recognised until 1 January 2014.  Therefore, if you have evidence of attending a recognised training course by an RTO (e.g. Level 1, 2 Training) you will continue to have the legislative power to issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) or direct unsafe work to cease.  

  • Between now and 31/12/13, you must attend a 1 day bridging course in order to exercise this power after that date.
  • If you have completed HSR Level 1 training before 2013 you can combine a bridging course and HSR Level 2 training this year.
  • If you have completed HSR Level 2 training before 2013 you can combine a bridging course and HSR Level 3 training this year.

To book your training

Please contact any of the following registered training providers to identify available dates and liaise with your Manager/Supervisor to gain the relevant approvals.

Future Training requirements

In accordance with Section 72 of the WHS Act, the University will continue to offer HSR training as follows:

  • During the first year of a HSRs terms of office – 5 day course
  • During the second year of a HSRs term of office – 3 day course
  • During the third year of the HSRs term of office – 2 days.

If the HSR is re-elected at the end of a term of office the training will again apply during that new term.

Please note that this training is not mandatory, however if a HSR should wish to exercise their powers as indicated above (e.g. to issue a PIN), then training is required.

Further information

Should you require any further information or clarification, please contact a member of the HSW Team.

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