Recent Hazard Alerts released by SafeWork SA

Hazard Alerts

SafeWork SA have recently issued safety alerts as a result of the following serious incidents.

The Hazard alerts provide a summary of the incident, background, contributing factors and corrective action to be taken.

If your School/Branch conducts similar activities it may provide an opportunity to review your risk assessment for the activity and to raise awareness of the importance of following the control measures in place.

Transport of flammable gas cylinders (pdf file)

updated in March 2014.

A person received serious burn injuries when an LPG barbeque cylinder kept in a car boot on a hot day (34°C) for about one hour, released gas which was subsequently ignited when the boot door was opened and the boot light came on.

Control of integrated plant and equipment (pdf file)

released in January 2014

A mill hand was fatally injured when he was crushed by a moving component of the machine he was working on.  The worker was performing a maintenance task through a hatch door which was activated via a solenoid operated pneumatic control valve. The emergency stop (E-Stop) had been activated but did not isolate the compressed air supply.

Working under elevated motor vehicles (pdf file)

released in January 2014

A worker was fatally injured when hit and crushed by a falling vehicle axle assembly while it was being positioned ready for installation onto the vehicle.

The vehicle was supported on stands and elevated to a height that allowed the worker to lie underneath. The axle was temporarily unsupported in the final assembly position when it dislodged and fell onto the worker.

Further information

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the HSW Team.


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