HSW Handbook Approval: Noise and Sound Safety Management

The Noise and Sound Safety Management chapter has been approved and is now available to view.

For areas where there are known noisy working environments (e.g. workshops)

the key processes to note when implementing the requirements of this new chapter are:

  • A requirement to conduct an assessment of noise hazards in all potential noise hazard areas using a sound meter.  (The sound meter is available from the HSW Team, HSW Advisor (Plant and Equipment))
  • A new legislative requirement for Audiometric testing to be conducted for any workers who are required to wear hearing protection as an identified control measure;

(New workers are required to undergo a test within 3 months of commencing work and the requirement is to be recorded to ensure completion)

  • To ensure training on noise hazards is provided to those workers who may be exposed to hazardous noise or other agents that may contribute to hearing loss.


Further information
Should you have any questions around the content and/or implementation of this chapter, please contact your Division/Faculty HSW Manager or the HSW Advisor (Plant and Equipment).

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