HSW Handbook Approval: Plant/Equipment Safety Management

The revised Plant/Equipment HSW Handbook chapter has been approved and is now available to view.

Changes to note are:

Electrical Testing and Tagging

Please be aware that a number of electrical items will no longer require testing.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

  • Changes to the requirements for Residual Current Devices
    • Removal of the day to day testing recording – it needs to be conducted but not recorded. (not required under WHS legislation).
    • Removal of the RCD tests and inspections record sheet (not required under WHS legislation).


  • Requirement that tractors are not used unless they have a securely fitted roll-over protective structure (new requirement under WHS legislation).

Electrical work

  • Specific requirement for a Safety Observer where electrical work is carried out on energised equipment (new requirement under WHS legislation).

Plant registers

  • Removal of the requirement to:
    • Maintain a Plant risk register.  (Note – some Schools/Branches may wish to continue this activity if using the register for other purposes, but it is not required under WHS.)
    • Maintain a specified hazardous Plant register (not required under WHS legislation).
    • Maintain a Tag Out and Lockout register (not required under WHS legislation).

Acquisition, installation and commissioning of Plant/Equipment

  • Clarification of:
    • requirements for the review of hazards during the acquisition, installation and commissioning of Plant/Equipment;
    • licensing requirements;
    • the need to consult with Infrastructure Branch where there is a modification of infrastructure to accommodate the plant/equipment;
    • requirements related to ensuring appropriate information is received from importers/suppliers (where applicable);
    • the responsibility of Managers/Supervisors of areas which contain hazardous plant (including for assuring risk assessments, induction and training);
    • the responsibility of all workers are to determine if a Plant/Equipment risk assessment is required using the Plant/Equipment decision tree


Please note that 3 information sheets (FAQs) have been developed to assist with clarifying the arrangements for certain requirements of the chapter.

  • Electrical safety information sheet
  • Plant Acquisition information sheet
  • Vehicle Safety Management information sheet


Please contact a member of the HSW Team with any comments, questions or feedback.

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