PDR for Supervisors (Part One: Objective Setting) Workshop

PDR for Supervisors (Part One: Objective Setting)

Planning, Development and Review (PDR) discussions are important because they help all staff members to be clear about the University’s and their own objectives. They help clarify your contribution, how you are performing, and what development you might undertake for your current role and for your career.

With the Beacon Strategic Plan underway and a 5-Year Financial Plan also now agreed to help us manage through the difficult financial climate ahead, it is particularly important expectations are clear between staff and their supervisors.

Managers will gain a clear understanding of role, process, expectations and timelines of PDR process and setting objectives for themselves and their teams. We will ensure our managers have:

  • A strong concept of the PDR process and its benefits
  • An understanding of how their work and the work of their staff link to the greater goals of the University
  • A method for forming objectives
  • An understanding of the process and benefits of professional and career development.
  • The ability to identify development needs of their staff members and determine appropriate development solutions.
  • Skills for an effective development conversation.


Unfortunately these workshops are booked out.
If you would like to register your interest for a future workshop please email Performance and Development. We may offer an additional workshop if there is sufficient interest.

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