HSW Handbook Approval: Prevention of Falls

Please note that a revised version of the HSW Handbook Information Sheet “Prevention of Falls” has been posted on the HSW Website.

For noting, the changes from the previous version are:

  • Alignment with the new WHS Regulations (specifically part 4);
  • Clarification around height specifications vs fall from height – Q1;
  • Specific requirements to be addressed to meet this part of the WHS Regulation – Q2;
  • Specific activities which are excluded from the requirements e.g. horse riding, a theatrical performance – Q3;
  • Removal of duplicated information in relation to hazard management and example controls – Q4;
  • Removal of reference to the IPT permit/permission to work system and just reference to the requirements to access a roof Q5;
  • Inclusion of the relevant standards relating to fall from height – Q6.

Further information

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Division/Faculty HSW Manager.

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