HSW Handbook Approval: Confined Spaces

Please note that a revised version of the HSW Handbook Information Sheet “Confined Spaces” has been posted on the HSW Website.

Key changes for noting:

  • The questions in the chapter have been referenced and aligned to the WHS Legislation SA (2012) and Code of Practice for Confined Spaces.
  • The definition of a Confined Space includes what is/isn’t defined as a Confined Space.
  • Additional information is provided in Q6 on the requirements for atmospheric testing and monitoring.
  • Additional information is provided in Q10 on the requirements for a standby person.
  • There is no longer a Legislative requirement to keep a register of the locations of confined spaces, however Schools/Branches may elect to do so.
  • Additional information on signage requirements to secure against unauthorised entry and a prompt to install additional devices where possible e.g. installation of locks, fixed barriers.
  • Addition information on the role of the Standby person.

Any School/Branch who has identified confined spaces in their area of control and workers are required to enter the space must be fully conversant with all WHS Legislative requirements i.e. not just the info sheet

Further Information

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Division/Faculty HSW Manager.


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