Gender Equity Focus Groups

Message from the VC:

In April of this year, I launched the Dornwell Framework, the University’s first framework for gender equity. As an action arising from that framework, I am delighted to announce a series of focus groups will be held during late October and early November, with a particular focus on understanding the cultural and structural barriers to participation and progress of academic women in the life of the University. Each focus group will run for approximately 1 hour and will be led by an independent and experienced facilitator. I encourage women and men from across the University to join this important conversation by signing up below. Professor Warren Bebbington, Vice-Chancellor and President.

Purpose of Focus Groups

  • To provide insights into The University culture and understand the barriers to diversity and inclusion, particularly for academic women; and
  • To further inform the University’s strategy.

Outcome of Focus Groups

  • Data will be captured and will contribute to The University’s understanding of the existing barriers, culture and sub-cultures, to assist with creating a diversity vision for the university; and
  • Form part of the university’s broader plan towards achieving greater diversity and inclusion.


Find out more and register.

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