HSW Handbook Approval: Hazard Management

The revised HSW Handbook Chapter ‘Hazard Management’ has now been posted on the HSW Website.

This revision aims to:

  • align Hazard Management responsibilities and activities with the WHS Act and Regulations 2012 (SA) in lieu of the OHSW Act and Regulations;
  • provide a tool to assist workers to determine if a formal risk assessment is required;
  • provide templates that are easy to follow and reduce administration time (e.g. a Risk Assessment – Short Form);
  • better align the Hazard Management and Induction processes by providing clarity around the process to provide hazard information through a local area induction;
  • enable Schools/Branches to use control banding for activities/locations completing similar activities and reduce the number of risk assessments required;
  • remove the requirement for review of risk assessments after 5 years, considerably reducing administration time;
  • clarify that all risk assessments created by students are to be authorised by a manager/supervisor (e. a staff member).

Transition period

The Hazard Management handbook chapter was endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor and President on 21 October 2015.

However, to support implementation by Schools/Branches a transition period has been approved until 30 April 2016 regarding the obligation for the School/Branch to have Hazard Listings that fit appropriately to local area inductions.

Please note that all other requirements within the chapter are effective from 21 October 2015, including the requirement for all risk assessments created by students are to be authorised by a Manager/Supervisor (i.e. a staff member) and induction in accordance with the HSW Induction chapter.


A number of information sessions will be provided by the Division/Faculty HSW Managers outlining the changes over the next 2 months.

Session dates and times will be advertised.

The standard HSW Training sessions will be updated to reflect the new chapter and an on-line training program will also be made available as an alternative option.

Additional information will be provided over the next few days via a separate email.

Further Information

In the interim, should you require any further information at this point, please contact your Division/Faculty HSW Manager.

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