HSW Handbook Approval: First Aid

The revised HSW Handbook Chapter and Information Sheet ‘First Aid’ has now been posted on the HSW Website.

This revision aims to:

  • align First Aid responsibilities and activities with the WHS Act and Regulations 2012 (SA) and Approved Code of Practice for First Aid in the Workplace 2015, in lieu of the OHSW Act and Regulations;
  • provide Schools/Branches with details on the revised legislative requirements for First Aid kits, number of First Aiders, First Aid Training and administration requirements; and
  • ensure that all Schools/Branches have assessed first aid requirements in the workplace with regard to the:
  • nature of the work being carried out;
  • nature of the hazards at the workplace;
  • size and location of the workplace; and
  • number and composition of the workers and other persons at the workplace.

The key changes to the chapter for noting

  • There is no longer a mandated requirement for Schools/Branches to complete a First Aid Assessment “template” when conducting an annual review.
    (However, at the request of staff in some Schools/Branches, a template has been included in a new First Aid Information Sheet to assist in the review process where the School/Branch wish to use it.)
  • The first aid requirements for remote locations e.g. temporary work/activity, is to be managed via a Risk Assessment, rather than being prescribed within the chapter.
  • The requirement for an Occupational First Aider(s) and First Aid room(s) will be determined by a Risk Assessment completed by the Associate Director, HR Compliance and Improvement Services (delegate) in consultation with key stakeholders.
  • The chapter has been divided into (1) Planning; (2) Response; and (3) Post incident.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Division/Faculty HSW Manager.

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