Recruitment Policy and Procedures

The Recruitment Policy and Procedures, have been approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President and are now available on the HR Website.

The key changes to note in these policies and procedures include:

Recruitment Policy

  • An increase in the scope of this Policy to include Honorary Title Policy Principles (As the Conferral of Honorary Roles Policy is to be superseded.  All relevant processes within this existing Policy have been incorporated in the “Titleholder – Conferral of Honorary Roles Procedure” (see Procedure below).
  • Section 1.5 of the Recruitment Policy Principles also includes that due diligence will be exercised i.e. “are competitive, merit based and due diligence will be exercised”.

Head of School Selection Procedure

  • A note under 3.1 that the recruitment process for Heads of School appointments is centralised in Human Resources and to contact HR prior to commencing the consultation or subsequent recruitment process.
  • References to relevant sections of the EA where applicable.
  • Alignment with the University’s Recruitment System (Page-up) where applicable.
  • Amendments to streamline the Applications and shortlisting process and to clarify that the same process applies for both internal and external recruitment processes.

Discipline Head Election Procedure

  • References to relevant sections of the EA where applicable.
  • Introduction of a new Discipline Head Request form.

Titleholder – Conferral of Honorary Roles Procedure (Note that this is an interim procedure pending the development of an online process.)

  • Amalgamation of the processes within the Conferral of Honorary Roles Policy and Guidelines into one Procedure.
  • Clarification that a current staff member may hold a title provided their employment is no more than 0.5 full time equivalent and their remuneration is not pursuant to a fixed-term or continuing academic appointment at the University.  This applies to both Professional and Academic Staff.
  • Removal of references to the Professorial Titleholder Appointment committee to align with current practice.
  • A process for reviewing and updating the Approved Organisations register.
  • Clarification that the length of time is up to 3 years (as there was a discrepancy in the previous guideline).

Casual Employment Procedure

  • This is a new procedure.
  • The process defines responsibilities and aligns with the Casual Employment Online System (CASPA).

Please ensure that you notify your School/ Branch of these changes to the Recruitment HR Handbook. If you have any questions or concerns relating to the documents, please contact the HR Service Centre on 8313 1111 or complete an online enquiry form.

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