HR Handbook – Revised Academic Promotions Procedure

The Academic Promotions Procedure has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President (3 March 2016) and is now available on the HR Website.

Key Changes to Note

The key changes to note in this procedure include:

  • Changes to weightings for areas of academic focus to take into account the introduction of the Education Specialist workload.
  • Heads of School reports can no longer be submitted confidentially, but must accompany the application submitted by the applicant.
  • The page limits for commentary on achievements and evidence of achievements have been removed, however the overall page limit for the complete application still remains at 25 pages.
  • The number of academic focus area categories has increased to five. The Teaching Focussed and Research Focussed categories are now covered under the Teaching and Research Academic category and are therefore unnecessary.
  • The Special Consideration category has also been removed from the categories of academic focus area in the weightings table.  There is additional flexibility for the applicants to evidence achievements included under Section 7.1.
  • Evidence provided needs to focus on the area of academic focus.  Peer review has also been added as evidence that may be included.
  • Reference to the Code of Conduct has been added to the Head of School report and referenced in section 8.2 a) of the procedure.
  • An application form seeking approval by the DVC (A) to apply for Special Consideration has been developed and included as an Appendix E to the procedure.

 Further Information

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the documents, please email Academic Promotions.

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