HR Handbook – Revised Special Studies Program (SSP) Procedure

The Special Studies Program (SSP) Procedure has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President and is now available on the HR Website.

Key Changes

The key changes to note in this procedure include:

  • The Special Studies Leave policy principles have been transferred to the Workforce Management Policy.
    (The Special Studies Program policy and guidelines will be superseded and processes included in the new procedure).
  • Addition of reference to Education Specialist SSP as per the Education Academy website.
  • Ability for Executive Deans to decline SSP applications on grounds of a process for misconduct being underway.
  • To avoid unintended Fringe Benefits Tax liabilities, the removal of Living Away from Home payments and financial support for dependants, is replaced with a taxable SSP living allowance. (This is largely how Faculties have been operating during 2015 for the 2016 SSP round).
  • Removal of HR involvement in approval and tracking workflow. Appropriate authorisation provisions are now included on the forms, and there is a requirement that the information be held locally.
  • Requirement that the outcome of SSP applications, amendments and reports be communicated by local areas rather than HR (some areas are already practicing this). HR will continue to facilitate the processing of SSP in the HR system and payment of allowances as part of this.
  • Extension of the due date for applications to 31 May for the SSP to be taken in the following year.
  • Formal assignment of the delegations for approval of applications and financial support to the Executive Dean (currently assigned to the DVC&VP (A), with an understanding that it is delegated to the Executive Dean).


If you have any questions or concerns relating to the document, please contact the HR Service Centre on 8313 1111 or complete an online enquiry form.

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