Leading Transitions Workshop – 6 April 2016

As the University continues to position itself for success now and into the future, several groups of managers within the University are being asked to lead considerable changes to structure, business and people practices in their work areas. This requires that managers strengthen their capabilities to support and lead people through change in order to fulfil their role as ‘change leaders’ (a role which has also been incorporated into the Position Descriptions of people managers). ‘Leading Change Toward Higher Performance’ is also one of the University’s seven Critical Leadership Capabilities.

With the above in mind, an interactive, practice focused workshop, Leading Transitions has been designed with input from key stakeholders and change program leaders. It aims to enhance the confidence and capability of managers to lead and support teams and individuals who are impacted by change. This workshop will be implemented in 2016 in alignment with the phased implementation of change programs across portfolios and units.

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