Hazard listings – transition period ended

When the revised HSW Handbook Chapter – 3.5 Hazard Management was issued on 21 October 2015 a transition period was allowed for clause

This transition period allowed Heads of School until 30 April, 2016 to ensure that there is a local area/School/Branch Hazard Listing(s) (or equivalent) documented where required, which:

  • includes all the “static” activities, where a risk assessment is required in accordance with the Hazard Management – Risk Assessment Decision Tool;
  • is available in the local area, in either hard copy or electronic copy; and
  • is included in the specific local area induction process (as applicable).

Schools/Branches need to be aware that compliance with the HSW Handbook Chapter 3.5 Hazard Management now requires that these are in place.

For any further guidance or support please contact your HSW Manager.

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