HR Handbook – New Secondment Procedure

The new Secondment Procedure has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President on 15 July 2016 and is now available on the HR Website.

 Key Changes

The new procedure has been created following the introduction of clause 5.1.3 in the EA (2014 – 2017) relating to Professional Staff Secondment as follows:

  • The University will establish a system to enable professional staff members to register their interest in participating in secondments.  All professional staff will be eligible to register their interest in, and receive notifications of, vacancies at particular HEO levels and/or areas of work.
  • The University will encourage managers to use staff secondments to provide development opportunities for professional staff.

The new procedure outlines the responsibilities and practical steps:

  • for staff to register their interest on the Secondment Register;
  • for Hiring Managers to check if the position could be offered as a secondment;
  • for Hiring Managers to assess candidates on the Secondment Register against the selection criteria of the vacant position; and
  • for Hiring Managers to process a secondment.


If you have any questions or concerns relating to the document, please contact the HR Service Centre on 8313 1111 or complete an online enquiry form.


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