University requirements for reporting of Notifiable and Dangerous incidents

Please be aware that there is a WHS legislative requirement for the University to report certain types of workplace incidents/injuries to SafeWork SA immediately after becoming aware that they have occurred.  [WHS Act 2012, Section 38]    A list of the incidents that are reportable are here.  If you are unclear whether the incident is notifiable or not then it is best to treat it as notifiable by calling the HSW Team.

The responsibility for determining what incident is/isn’t reported to SafeWork SA and the subsequent notification is the responsibility of Gerald Buttfield [Associate Director, HR Compliance and Improvement Services], but this cannot be achieved within the legislative timeframe, unless HSW is notified of the incident when it first occurs.

Therefore, you have a very important role when becoming aware of one of these incidents and the reporting process.

Please –

  • Contact the HSW Team asap after ensuring an injured person receives appropriate treatment/securing the incident site if applicable.   (Note – ideally this is not an email to the HSW Team but rather a phone call.)   
  • Remain at the incident site (if safe) or provide your contact details to assist the HSW Team in the collation of factual information in order for the HSW Team to make a determination.
  • Ensure that the appropriate Manager/Supervisor/Management in your School/Branch have been informed of the incident. 

For further information

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