HSW Handbook Approval: Radiation Safety Management

The revised HSW Handbook chapter “Radiation Safety Management” has now been posted on the HSW Website.

Key Changes to Note

The key changes to the chapter for noting are:

  • Alignment of the annual dose rate for radiation workers to the legislation (20milliSV).  Please note that Human Resources will still investigate if a worker is looking to reach or exceed 1/20th of the annual dose rate.
  • Removal of the term Local Radiation Administration Coordinator (as the activity does not need a title).
  • Clarification that Human Resources is responsible for supplying the EPA with required documents (Licence to Possess, Radiation Safety Management Plan and Waste Management Plan) and ASNO documentation to Canberra.
  • Clarification on when an activity requires competency (i.e. EPA licences), or a person can work under a licenced person, when training and information is required and what does supervision look like.
  • Addition of an annual audit (required by the EPA licence to possess).
  • Simplification of the information on:
    • monitoring tasks and equipment;
    • personal monitoring;
    • facilities, storage, transportation and record keeping;
    • disposal;
    • emergency and accidents; and
    • investigation.
  • Addition of the XRF and XRD equipment monitoring and the exemption on personal monitoring granted by EPA in July 2016.
  • Addition of information regarding storage and handling of dosimeters during domestics and internal air travel.
  • Addition of an incident investigation form.

Further information

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Division/Faculty HSW Manager.

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