HR Handbook – Revised PDR Procedure and Templates

Minor amendments have been made to the PDR procedure and templates to simplify the PDR record and clarify the information required.

The amendments include:

  • Removal of Appendix A “PDR – Preparation template for Staff” as this is a supporting resource only  (i.e. optional not mandatory);
  • Change of title from “PDR Review meeting record” to “PDR Conversation record”;
  • For reference – Inclusion of the PDR cycle timings on page 1;
  • Removal of text in relation to “resourcing” development opportunities and more of a focus on the “support” needed to achieve objectives;
  • No requirement for signatures as the PDR process is effectively managed and approved through Staff Services Online;
  • Suggesting that the Individual Academic Profile (IAP) may assist Academic staff with presenting evidence of their achievements against key result areas/work objectives;
  • Provision of additional information on Learning and Development principles when identifying development activity tasks, skills or behaviours (i.e. the 70/20/10 Principle has been added);
  • Combining the development objectives for short term and future direction and development into one plan in lieu of two;
  • Removing the requirement for a mid-term and final review comments against development plan and replacing with one section for comments and progress;

A new Part 4 which prompts the staff member to reflect and record achievements, comment on performance and development at the mid and final review; and for people leaders to reflect on how they have supported a positive and productive team and fostered high performance.

For further information, please contact the HR Service Centre (ext 31111).

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