Candidate Register for Casual Vacancies

On the 3rd of January HR will launch an online casual register using PageUp – this uses new functionality called Talent Search in order to allow you to search for the skills and experience you need to fill casual vacancies without the need to advertise. The University receives a large number of applications each year from people who want to be considered for casual opportunities, but up to now HR has not had an easy way for you to access them. We anticipate that this will enable you to easily source temporary staff who have an interest in working for the University.

HR will also be relaunching the secondment and redeployment registers using the same functionality. This should ensure a better user experience in searching for suitable candidates to fill your vacancies. Only Hiring Co-ordinators who operate at Faculty or Divisional HR Hub level will have access to these registers via Talent Search at this time due to the permission levels required. A quick reference guide will be sent to all eligible Hiring Co-ordinators. We will still maintain the Secondment and Redeployment register via the existing Internal Mobility team access as required.

Please note that prospective casual employees on the register have not been reference checked and are not pre-screened by Human Resources. Please ensure you do your normal due diligence prior to offering an employment contract.

Please see the Casual Employment – Information Sheet for Hiring Managers for more information. If you have any questions please contact the Recruitment and Appointments Team.

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