Wellbeing Health Tip – Goal Setting


Why not start the new year on a high, and set some realistic goals for 2017. Don’t be intimidated. Real goals require real effort to both write and achieve. Incorporate the basics of goal setting into your life this year, and you’ll be tackling that dream of losing 20kg, running a marathon, or purchasing your own home in no time.

Goal Setting Step-by Step

Aim to set SMART goals:

Specific – instead of “I will get in shape,” think, “I will exercise three times a week for 20 minutes”
Measurable – set standards so that you know whether you’re making progress or not, and ensure that you are monitoring your own progress
Attainable – choose a goal that will stretch and challenge you, but not so unrealistic that it stops you from trying to achieve it
Relevant – pick a goal that is meaningful to YOU
Timed – attach a day, month and year to your goal and decide when you want it to be achieved by.

Once you have your goals set

  1. Put pen to paper – commit by putting your goals in writing. You’ll be surprised at the result
  2. Make a plan – be as detailed as possible and be specific in what steps you are going to take each week to achieve your goal
  3. Overcome obstacles – work out how to tackle obstacles before they happen. If your goal is to eat healthier, plan ahead and stock the fridge with lots of healthy snacks and prepared dinners
  4. Stay inspired – try appointing someone to hold you accountable – a friend or colleague who is tough enough to stand up to you and loving enough to keep your best interests at heart
  5. Celebrate! – It’s important to acknowledge your achievements with a reward. Buy tickets to a concert you’ve been looking forward to, or a little getaway with friends.

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