New Enhancements to Staff Services Online (SSO)

There are a range of enhancements to Staff Services Online (SSO) that go-live this week, having been prioritised through the PSR business improvement process for HR. They are:

PDR Tracker – Available Now

Menu: SSO Employee > Your PDR > Your PDR

Enhancements have been made to the PDR Tracker for staff to submit their PDR form through SSO. These changes have been made based on feedback received from users.

An overview of some of the key the changes are:

  • The Supervisor ID will now automatically populate from the supervisor recorded against the person’s employment record. This can be changed to someone else where required.
  • The status of PDR has been updated to include a status of “Submitted”.
  • Confirmation messages will now appear after saving for later or after submission.
  • Improvements have also been made to the on-page instructions and changes made to heading titles and order to be more intuitive.

Further enhancements will now be considered for improving the manager experience of PDR on SSO.

SSO Sick/Carers leave Attachments – Available now

Menu: SSO Employee > Absence Management > Submit Absence Request

An enhancement made to SSO Employee and SSO Manager will enable the attachment of certificates when submitting Personal Leave whether for Sick Leave or Carers Leave (Paid or Unpaid). The attachment of a certificate will remain optional, but can be attached by a staff member to their leave request and viewed by the manager before approving the request. Where a manager is submitting leave on behalf of a staff member they will also be able to attach the certificate to the request. Both the staff member and manager will be able to view these certificates at any time after submission.

Questions or Feedback?

Should you have any questions or feedback with regard to these changes, please contact the HR Service Centre via email or phone 831 31111.


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