Gas regulator and manifold scheduled maintenance

An important message regarding a recent university audit finding.

Under the University’s internal audit plan, an audit was recently conducted on the maintenance of compressed gas regulators and manifolds in the University.

It was observed that there was a low degree of compliance with regard to routine maintenance.

Please see below for some guidance notes.

Maintenance and service intervals

In accordance with the Plant/Equipment Safety Management chapter of the HSW Handbook, all plant shall be maintained in a safe condition, with service intervals as specified by the manufacturer. In the event of the manufacturer’s information not being available, some general guidelines are as follows:

  • Regulators:
    Overhaul every 3-5 years depending on application; 3, 6 and/or 12-monthly tests depending on application.
  • Manifolds:
    Overhaul every 3-5 years depending on application; 3, 6 and/or 12-monthly tests depending on application.
  • Hoses:
    Replace every 5-10 years depending on application; inspect regularly – frequency dependent on application.

AS 2896-2011 and AS 4289-1995 (R2016) also include specified checks and tests for medical gas systems and oxygen and acetylene gas reticulation systems respectively.

It should be noted that for basic single stage regulators it will probably be more cost-effective to elect for replacement rather than overhaul.

Identification and tagging

As a minimum each regulator, manifold and hose should have some form of label/tag with a replacement and/or overhaul date.


Records of maintenance must be kept. It would also be advisable to keep records of purchase and/or installation dates of equipment to assist with their management.

Equipment of unknown age

If the age of any piece of equipment cannot be determined it should be assumed to be out of date and be either overhauled or replaced.

Service provider

The HSW Team has been in contact with BOC and they are prepared to provide a suitable service to schools/faculties/branches as required.  If you wish to explore this option you can contact Brad Owen at BOC. There are several other organisations in Adelaide that can also provide a service; costs are dependent on the number and complexity of equipment.

Recommended immediate/short term actions

  1. Regulators

    1. Identify all regulators in the school/ faculty/branch that need to be replaced or overhauled
    2. Determine and implement a method to track and tag each regulator
  2. Manifolds

    1. Identify any manifolds in the school//faculty/branch and develop a schedule for maintenance and testing (consider discussing with Infrastructure Branch whether they can provide this service for a fee)
    2. Tag each manifold with a replace by / overhaul date
  3. Reticulation equipment

    1. Contact Infrastructure Branch to determine requirements for maintenance and testing
    2. Develop a schedule for maintenance and testing


Manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for a manifold with provision for critical and non-critical use.

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