2017 End of Year University Close-down Period

The University will be closed for business from Monday, 25 December 2017 and will reopen in the new year on Tuesday, 2 January 2018.

Public Holidays and Annual Leave Days

Monday 25 December 2017 Christmas Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 26 December 2017 Proclamation Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 27 December 2017 University Day as per clause 4.14.1 of the Enterprise Agreement
Thursday 28 December 2017 Annual Leave Day (unless other arrangements have been made)
Friday 29 December 2017 Annual Leave Day (unless other arrangements have been made)
Monday 1 January 2018 New Year’s Day Public Holiday

Working during the Christmas Close-down

Professional Staff required to work on public holidays during the close-down period will need to submit an Overtime and Additional hours (Professional Staff) claim form for work undertaken on these days.

Staff who are required to provide essential University services on University Days may arrange alternative days in lieu.

If a staff member is required to work on the Annual Leave days above, the supervisor must email Human Resources to have the automated leave deduction removed.

More Information

If you have any queries regarding this information, please contact Human Resources on 8313 1111 or email

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