HSW Handbook Consultation: Workplace Monitoring

On the 29 November 2016 the Workplace Inspection program was suspended (with the exception of pre-occupation inspections) pending a full review of this activity in 2017.

At the February 2017 HSW Community of Practice, the members undertook a number of brief exercises to help the HR HSW Team to clarify the effectiveness and efficiency of past practice.

From the feedback, it was concluded that the revised Workplace monitoring program, would seek to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Allow each Faculty or Division the flexibility to tailor a program of activity that lists what will be inspected/reviewed within a given year based on the risk profile and resourcing.
  • Enable the program of activity to be used as a plan and the dates of inspections/reviews recorded to be used as an evidence base for progress against the plan.
  • Retain/draft some form of checklist to assist in the process.
  • Consider the options available to capture findings and/or actions arising from the inspections/reviews.
  • Ensure that the program of activity has elements that assist with lifting of the Faculty/Division safety culture and raising the awareness of supervisors (e.g. through structured safety conversations).
  • Provide a mechanism for the reporting of positive outcomes and good practices that should be recognized and/or rewarded.
  • Provide opportunities for local HSW staff to learn more about the activities of staff within the Schools/Branches that they service.
  • Provide opportunities for academic staff and supervisors to be able to sit with and discuss safety issues or processes with HSW staff.

With the above in mind, the Workplace monitoring chapter has now been drafted and is attached for your review.

In summary, you will note that the monitoring activities are divided into three layers within the chapter.

Monitoring activity Focus area(s) Who is responsible When/format
1 Hazard reporting All workplaces All workers Ongoing
2 Control monitoring (Supervision) All tasks where the inherent risk rating (i.e. before control measures) has been assessed as high or very high. The Supervisor is monitoring the activities to ensure the workers are following/implementing safe systems of work (i.e. the control measures documented in risk assessments). Supervisor/Facility Manager Adhoc or planned checks
3 Safety Reviews Workplaces or activities that the Faculty/Branch believe it appropriate to review after consideration of the risk profiles and other relevant factors. Faculty Executive Manager/Research Technical Services Manager and Faculty HR Manager or Head of BranchFaculty/Branch HSW Officer. An annual schedule of planned safety reviews to be conducted across each quarter of the year.

There is still a requirement to undertake an inspection for New/leased/refurbished workplaces to ensure it is fit for its intended purpose and for corrective actions to be monitored until completion.


Any comments on the Workplace Monitoring chapter may be submitted via the draft policies page by COB Monday 21 August 2017.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Senior HSW Advisor.

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