HSW Handbook Consultation: Contractor Safety Management

Human Resources have been working on a revised version of the Contractor Safety Management Chapter of the HSW Handbook in consultation with a stakeholder group from Infrastructure Branch.

The key changes to the chapter for noting are –

  • The Head of School/Branch responsibilities, have been transferred to the person engaging/managing a contractor or the contract, to clarify where the actions and responsibilities operationally belong.
  • Under Section Induction, the University’s contract/project manager, is to ensure that contractors who are required to work in an area where hazardous chemicals are in use or stored, are provided with a local laboratory induction by the University’s staff member responsible for the laboratory/area and an individual record of induction is kept on file and retrievable on request.  This is in line with the requirements of the Provision of HSW information, instruction and training chapter and a requirement for all workers (See Appendix A, Level 2).
  • Additional information under section “Pre-construction phase of a project” has been included which highlights and reiterates that:
    • The University’s Contract/Project Manager; and
    • The School/Branch representative; and
    • The Contractor’s representative (or Principal contractor)

    are collectively responsible for ensuring safe systems of work are in place for the activities they each control and for informing each other if the activity/area has the capacity to impact on the University’s business and/or safety of occupants/workers/contractors.

  • A new Appendix C, which summarises Safety Management responsibilities for induction and hazard management activities.


It would be appreciated if you could review and provide any feedback/suggested amendments via the Policies Website before COB Monday 13 November 2017.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Senior HSW Advisor.

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