HSW Handbook Approval: Workplace Monitoring

The revised HSW Handbook Chapter “Workplace Monitoring” has now been posted on the HSW Website.

The revised process seeks to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Allow each Faculty or Branch the flexibility to tailor a program of activity that lists what will be reviewed within a given year based on the risk profile and resourcing.
  • Enable the program of activity to be used as a plan and key dates/milestones recorded to be used as an evidence base for progress against the plan.
  • Ensure that the program of activity has elements that assist with lifting of the Faculty/Division safety culture and raising the awareness of supervisors (e.g. through structured safety conversations).
  • Provide a mechanism for the reporting of positive outcomes and good practices that should be recognized and/or rewarded.
  • Provide opportunities for HSW staff to learn more about the activities of staff within the Schools/Branches that they service.
  • Provide opportunities for academic staff and supervisors to be able to sit with and discuss safety issues or processes with professional HSW staff.
  • Encourage the reporting of safety issues by all staff
  • Ensure that where an inherently high risk activity is reliant on a control to reduce the risk to medium or low that the supervisor of the activity in monitoring that the required controls are being implemented.
  • To meet the requirements of the WHS Legislation and Self-Insurance Performance Standards.

Implementation of the process – Transition

All staff and other workers

  1. Report Safety observations (Hazard Reports) in all areas undertaking any University activity immediately (this should already be current practice);

Supervisors of inherently high risk activities

  1. Commence the control monitoring process, in workplaces undertaking one or more tasks where the “inherent” risk rating has been assessed as high or very high, immediately following endorsement (this should already be part of any prudent supervision of higher risk activities);

Members of the HSW Community of Practice

  1. Commence the planning for Safety Reviews in 2018 immediately (i.e. October – December 2017), with the aim of commencing the first safety review(s) in the first quarter in 2018.
    (As discussed at the last Community of Practice)

Divisional Branches other than Infrastructure and Laboratory Animal Services

  1. Due to the Divisional HSW Officer role being vacant at this time await further instructions regarding the implementation of Safety Reviews.  (however implement 1. and 2. above)

Further information

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your local HSW contact.

(NB – Technical Service Managers, HR Managers, Faculty Executive Manager, Heads of School/Branch, Directors, Executive Deans, DVC&VPs and COO&VP may seek additional information from the Senior HSW Advisors (HR Branch).)

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