HSW Handbook Approval: Emergency Management

The revised HSW Handbook Chapter “Emergency Management” has now been approved and posted on the HSW Website.

Key Changes

  • Division of this process into 3 parts
    • Planning (existing);
    • Response (existing); and
    • Post Incident (new).
  • Removal of the Manager Security from the Incident Management Task Group (IMTG).
    The Manager Security will remain fully operational as a member of the Incident Response Team (IRT).  Noting that there will be ongoing communication updates by the Security Manager to the Emergency Director (re status), to enable strategic decisions to be made and actioned.  (e.g. if additional resources are required to assist the IRT to manage the emergency, if media management is required, if University communications are required, and if action is required to ensure business continuity/recovery.  See Appendix A for additional information on the membership of each team.
  • Introduction of a Critical Incident Team at Waite Campus.
    This team will provide additional resources to the Waite IRT both strategically and/or operationally if required.  The responsibilities for this team duplicate the existing arrangements at Roseworthy Campus.  See Section 7.2 for additional information.
  • Removal of arrangements for Thebarton.
  • Inclusion of a new Appendix – Summary of Emergency Management Roles (Appendix A).
    This Appendix has been included, to summarise the emergency management teams and their roles, as an incident escalates from minor to critical.
  • Head of School/Branch responsibilities have been re-assigned to the Faculty Technical Services Manager/HR Manager/Head of Branch or the Supervisor.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Senior HSW Advisor.

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