New Induction Framework


Induction is a critical component of a new starter’s career journey at the University of Adelaide. In 2016 a review of University induction, including staff consultation, proposed a series of recommendations to enhance the induction process and improve the induction experience. Human Resources have implemented a number of changes and made significant improvements that will ensure induction is:

  • More streamlined
  • More accessible
  • More beneficial

The changes to induction should be taken into consideration by anyone in the following roles:

  • Line Manager
  • Administrative support to hiring manager (Induction coordinator)
  • Hiring coordinator
  • Faculty HR staff member
  • Anyone involved in supporting or implementing Induction

The new induction process is applicable to staff who are new to the University, and also staff who transfer from another work area.

What has changed?

The Induction framework and process
A new Induction framework has been developed to encourage and support consistent induction processes across the University. The framework includes updated roles and responsibilities, an explanation of what should be occurring at each phase of induction (at pre commencement, first day or first month), and checklists to record and monitor completion of induction tasks.New starters will receive a welcome email upon acceptance of their contract. The email will include a link to the new Induction website which will guide the individual through the induction process.There are a number of role specific tools and resources to support hiring managers to induct a new staff member including:
Pathway overviews The pathway overviews provide a high level picture of what induction will look like for each type of new starter.  There are many tasks and activities required to prepare new starters as they commence in the organisation and/or their role. To alleviate the potential for new starters feeling overwhelmed, the activities have been prioritised across the Induction period.
Induction checklists For improved usability, the new starter tasks have been removed from the Recruitment System and integrated into role specific induction checklists effective 11 December 2017. These checklists are an important tool for the line manager and induction coordinator.For those who have a current induction plan in the Recruitment System, line managers will need to transition to using the new checklist and agenda process and there will be no expectation for the staff member or supervisor/on-boarding delegate to check off remaining induction tasks in the Recruitment System. New starter task reminders will cease being sent to staff members and managers from 11 December 2017.
Induction agendas To streamline induction for the new starter, a new starter agenda template is provided. This will be tailored by the induction coordinator and will provide the new starter with details of the recommended meetings and activities in each phase of induction.
Roles and responsibilities The new Induction framework includes updated Induction Roles and Responsibilities. The role of Induction Coordinator has been introduced as part of the framework, recognising that administrative support to the hiring managers is current practice in most work areas.  In most circumstances there will be an Induction Coordinator, but where this isn’t possible the Line Manager will fulfil this role. The purpose of clearly defining this role is to provide opportunity for Managers to delegate some tasks associated with induction, and enable shared responsibility.The buddy role remains optional and informal but is recommended particularly for staff members who are new to the University.
The website
The new Induction website has been designed to be user friendly, up-to-date and accessible. The site structure aims to ensure users are guided to access content and resources specific to their role.The Induction website provides:

  • Induction information and links to a number of useful sites about working at the University of Adelaide for new staff members, including existing staff transfers, casual staff, and executive senior leaders.
  • Information and resources to help Line Managers and Induction Coordinators manage the induction process
  • Induction course descriptions and links
  • An overview of the induction events new starters may be invited to attend
Induction courses
A core component of University Induction is the completion of a series of induction courses. The induction courses, previously hosted on Blackboard, have been transitioned to the University’s current Learning Management System – Canvas, which allows for improved access and reporting. Minor updates and enhancements have been made to the course content as part of the transition process and the courses will be reviewed in full in 2018.A list of current induction courses, including completion timeframes and target audience recommendations is provided on the webpage. Links to the induction courses are embedded into the new starter agenda in accordance with the recommended timeframe.Two new courses have been added to the suite: Cybersecurity and Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS).

Who can I contact for further information?

If you have any questions or feedback in regards to the induction changes above, please contact Learning and Development.

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