HSW Handbook Approval: Reporting a Safety Issue & Incident Investigation

Human Resources have been working on a revised version of the Incident Reporting and Investigation chapter of the HSW Handbook. The revised HSW Handbook Chapters “Reporting a Safety Issue or Incident” and “Incident Investigation” have now been posted on the HSW Website.

This version of the process seeks to achieve the following outcomes:

  • a simplified initial reporting process for the person(s) involved in the incident and to increase reporting;
  • the existing chapter has been split into two parts:
    1. Reporting a Safety Issue or Incident; and
    2. Incident Investigation.
  • a flowchart has been provided to explain the reporting process; and
  • reduced administration time where possible.

During this review we also aligned our process and responsibilities with the new reporting system “UniSafe”.


Further information

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your local HSW contact.

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