CAPS Outage

CAPS will be unavailable from 4pm Friday 28th Sept through to 9am Tuesday 2nd October due to the PeopleSoft Campus System Upgrade.

Early Timesheet Submission

An early timesheet submission deadline applies for any casual work undertaken from Saturday 15th September to Friday 28th September (inclusive). Casual Timesheets for this period should be submitted no later than 3.30pm on Friday 28th September and should include any hours anticipated to work beyond 3.30pm on the 28th Sept.


Timesheet Validation

There are no changes to the timesheet validation deadlines for the period. However as SSO will not be available until 9am on Tuesday 2nd October, validations cannot occur prior to this.

The full submission and validation deadlines for this period are:

2018 Submission & Validation Deadlines
Fortnight Worked Timesheet
Submission Deadline
Timesheet Validation Deadline
Escalated Timesheet
Validation Deadline
Pay Day
15 Sep – 28 Sep Friday 28 Sep 3.30pm
Due to planned system outage
Wednesday, 3 Oct Thursday, 4 Oct 12 Oct


CAPS Engagements

As SSO will be unavailable, CAPS engagements are unable to be created, approved or accepted/onboarding complete during the outage period. Any casual expected to commence on Tuesday 2nd October should have their CAPS engagement acceptance and Onboarding complete by 3.30pm on Friday 28th September to ensure a smooth transition on their commencement.


Further Information

For further information on the PeopleSoft Campus System Upgrade, please visit the ITDS website.

For all other questions, contact the HR Service Centre on or (831) 31111.

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