HR Tips Q3 – Staff Induction

Are you recruiting a new staff member?

As a line manager you play a crucial role in ensuring your new starter has an effective induction experience.

Whether your new starter is new to the University or transferring from another work area, an effective induction helps them to feel welcome, to have a positive experience of the University and their work area, and to feel well equipped for achieving success in their role, right from the beginning of their employment.

Managing the Induction Process

Induction at the University of Adelaide is managed through checklists and agendas.

The checklists are your go-to-guide for the tasks you need to complete as your new starter’s line manager at each stage of the induction process (i.e. before your new starter commences, on their first day, during their first week, their first month, and up to their third month of employment).

The checklists replace the induction reminders you previously received through the Recruitment System.

The agendas provide your new starter with an overview of the activities they will undertake during their induction. They need to be populated and personalised prior to being provided to your new starter upon commencement.

You can access these tools, and other induction resources on the Managing the Induction Process webpage.

As part of their induction, your new starter will be required to complete a number of online induction courses. The courses, which need to be completed within the first three months of your new starter’s employment, provide your new starter with important information they need to know within the context of the University. You can view the courses your staff member will be required to complete on the Induction Courses webpage.

Induction Coordinator

As your new starter’s line manager, you have overall responsibility for managing their induction into their role, work area, and the University. You may however, choose to engage the assistance of a local team member as the ‘Induction Coordinator’ and delegate to them some of the administrative tasks associated with induction. Such tasks may, for example, include setting up the workstation, scheduling meetings, taking the new starter to get their staff ID card, and conducting tours and introductions.

For further information about induction roles and responsibilities please refer to the Managing the Induction Process webpage.

Who can I contact if I need help?

If you have any questions regarding induction, please contact the HR Service Centre on 831 31111 or email

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