Staff Credentials in SSO

Capturing information about staff is important for the University to meet legislative requirements, improve university rankings, understand the profile of the workforce, and ensure a safe environment for staff and students. These aspects contribute to the University’s ability to deliver quality teaching and research outcomes.

In order to capture some of this information, Staff Services Online (SSO) has been enhanced to facilitate this. University Staff (Including Casuals), Visitors and Titleholders are now invited to add the following Licences and Certificates or Emergency management details in SSO.

Licences and Certificates

    • Radiation – EPA Licence – Sealed/Unsealed (LS)
    • Radiation – EPA Licence – Ionising (LX)
    • Licence to perform High Risk Work – Forklift Operation (Class LF)
    • Licence to perform High Risk Work – Crane and Hoist (Class HM)
    • Licence to perform High Risk Work – Crane and Hoist (Class CB)
    • Cranes & Work Boxes – HRWL
    • Scaffolding – HRWL
    • Dogging & Rigging – HRWL
    • Vehicle – Class C
    • Vehicle – Class LR
    • Vehicle – Class MR
    • Vehicle – Class R
    • Boat Operators Licence
    • Coxswain Licence
    • Firearms
    • Boom type elevating work Platform
    • Rehabilitation Return to Work Coordinator
    • White Card – Construction Industry Safety

Emergency Management

    • Warden – Chief Warden Training
    • Warden – Floor Warden (Lvl 1 Training)
    • First Aid – Provide First Aid
    • First Aid – Occupational First Aid
    • First Aid – Provide First Aid in Remote Situations
    • First Aid – Provide CPR
    • First Aid – Provide Advanced First Aid
    • First Aid – Provide basic emergency life support
How to update

Visit SSO and navigate to the Profile tile in Employee SSO.

Managers can also now view their staff members’ profiles through the Team Profile title in Manager SSO.

Further Information

For further information please contact the HR Service Centre on or ext 31111.

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