HSW Handbook Approval – First Aid Management

The revised HSW Handbook Chapter “First Aid Management” has now been posted on the HSW Website.

Please note that following the stakeholder consultation, a number of additional changes have been made, to assist clarify/provide flexibility when assessing the first aid needs for your areas.

The key changes and references to the chapter for noting are:

  • The amendment to the First aid assessment template (Appendix A) to allow for Faculties/Divisions to:
    • co-ordinate activities, where others have responsibility for meeting the same first aid requirements; and
    • nominate a first aid point(s)/hub(s) which could be shared by all occupants of a building or buildings.
      (See section 4.2, section 14 definitions (Nominated First Aid point/hub) and Appendix A of the chapter)
  • The inclusion of additional responsibilities for supervisors where specific first aid equipment needs are to be considered (e.g. spill kits and antidotes)
  • The removal of medical response procedures from the chapter, as they are set out in the Emergency Management HSW Handbook chapter (Medical Emergency Code Blue)
  • The requirement for First Aiders to upload their First Aid credentials in Staff Services On-line (see section 7.3)
  • The inclusion of a new assessment template for Remote or isolated workplace (Appendix B).


Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Senior HSW Advisor.

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