HSW Handbook Approval: Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Testing (FAQs)

The HSW Team have revised the FAQS for Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Testing to guide the University on the testing requirements.

The information should be read in conjunction with the Chemical Safety Management and First Aid Management HSW Handbook chapters.

It includes information on:

  • The required testing frequency for plumbed emergency showers, eyewash’s and shower/eyewash combinations under the Aust standards
  • Under what circumstances the frequency of testing can be varied; and if varied, what is required
  • What to do if there are no drains where the emergency shower is located
  • What automated alerts are in place when a plumbed emergency safety shower/eye wash is activated
  • The relevant reference material

Further information

Should you require further information please contact your local HSW contact.


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