HSW Handbook Approval: Hazard Management chapter and on-line course

The HSW Team have been working on a revised Hazard Management chapter and a new on-line Hazard Management information session, to assist staff to understand the requirements of hazard management.

The key changes to the Hazard Management chapter for noting are:

  • There is no longer a requirement to maintain a Hazard Listing.
    The requirement to maintain a Hazard listing is not a legislative requirement.  The original intent was to have a listing to assist with the induction of staff, however this is now picked up in other ways through the Information, Instruction and Training chapter.
  • There is a new 5 step Hazard Management process (Appendix A) to replace the existing Risk Assessment Decision tool and provide more guidance on how to undertake hazard management
    This 5 step process summarises each of the stages of the Hazard Management process from start to finish and how to determine if a formal Risk Assessment is required or not.
    It includes a number of examples of hazards and how/when a worker could be exposed to the hazard.  It also provides some examples for some specific activities.
    This Appendix could also be used by a Supervisor or HSW Officer when explaining to another staff member or student how to complete a Risk Assessment.
  • There are 3 new Risk Assessment templates which should fit all circumstances
    (1) Appendix B1 – Single Task –
    Might be used for an activity that is completed over and over again in the same way
    (2) Appendix B2 – Multiple Tasks
    – Provides the option to include a number of different tasks for one location and/or to use control banding e.g. Standard Precautions for infection control.
    This enables areas to implement what it currently being used as an Overarching Risk Assessment but reinforces that hazards and controls must be clearly defined and align to the hazard.
    (3) Appendix B3 – Short Form Risk Assessment – The intent is to reduce the time to complete a risk assessment for a simple task.

There is no requirement to re-write any existing Risk Assessments unless the existing Risk Assessment does not meet the requirements of the revised chapter e.g. if the control measures do not address the hazards identified.  This exclusion also applies to any existing Overarching Risk Assessments.  If they are accurate, compliant and effectively control all of the current hazards then they may still be used.

  • There is a requirement for the Supervisor/Person in control of the area/activity to authorise all risk assessments before the activity is completed, regardless of the level of residual risk.
    This change will ensure that Supervisors are aware of the all the activities in their area of control.  Noting that the Supervisor/Person in control of the area/activity may sign off on their own Risk Assessment.
  • There is a requirement for the retention of Risk Assessment documents in accordance with the State Records Act.
    The Supervisor/Person in control of the area/activity needs to ensure that they have a system in place for retaining Risk Assessments.  This is a requirement under the State Records Act Schedule 30. The legislation requires the University to have arrangements in place to maintain records for 100 years and overrides the requirements prescribed in the WHS Legislation, where Risk Assessments are only required for the duration of the activity unless an exception applies.  Risk assessments may be stored locally until placed into the University’s archiving system.
    The University’s Records Management Office can be contacted for further assistance/information if required.

If you have any questions or feedback on this chapter or the on-line course, please do not hesitate to contact the Central HSW Team.


For reference:  Accessing the revised Hazard Management on-line course

New Users of the HSW Online Information Course

  • go to
  • A new user will see an “Enrol in course” button select this
  • Select the “Go to the Course Button” that now appears
  • You will now see all of the available HSW Online Information Sessions
  • Select the “Hazard Management” tile.

Existing Users of the HSW Online Information Course can go straight to Hazard Management


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