New HSW Handbook Chapter Approval: HSW Collaboration with other organisations (including co-location)

As previously advised, this new HSW Handbook chapter “HSW Collaboration with other organisations (including co-location)”  has been drafted to meet the requirements of section 46 of the WHS Act 2012.

The need for a process regarding collaborative work was highlighted by a recent incident at a government run research centre where the University received a notice from the SafeWork SA regulator, as we were unable to demonstrate that we had discussed and agreed the safety responsibilities with our collaborative partners.

This chapter will provide a process and template for:

  • facilitating a discussion between the parties involved at the commencement of a collaborative project;
  • identifying the key elements of safety; and
  • agreeing on which organisation has the responsibility to ensure the HSW legal requirements are met.

(e.g. is it one organisation or the other or is it a shared responsibility?)

The template includes activities such as:

  • hazard management;
  • provision of information, instruction, training and supervision;
  • workplace monitoring/inspections;
  • maintenance and use of plant/equipment;
  • management of hazardous chemicals (including radiation);
  • personal protective equipment;
  • reporting of safety issues and incidents; and
  • emergency management.

Please note:  There is a requirement for the retention of HSW Collaboration agreements in accordance with the State Records Act.
The Supervisor/Person in control of the area/activity needs to ensure that they have a system in place for retaining the agreement.  This is a requirement under the State Records Act Schedule 30.  The agreement may be stored locally until placed into the University’s archiving system.

The University’s Records Management Office can be contacted for further assistance/information if required.

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