Hussain G Rammal features in Islamic Finance magazine “The Analyst”

Hussain G Rammal lectures for the International Centre in Financial Services Graduate Diploma in Global Wealth Management program. Hussain has recently been quoted in the Islamic Finance magazine “The Analyst”.

“Islamic financing as a whole is still in its infancy. While the concepts have been there for centuries, it only became commercially available in the 1970’s. Since then it has grown at a phenomenal rate.”

“The size of the sukuk market is estimated at around $100 bn (estimates suggest that over $800 bn of assets are managed according to Islamic investment principles.). The advantages of sukuk include the flexibility it provides. For example, sukuk can be issued both on existing assets as well as specific assets that may become available at a future date.”

“The future of sukuk seems very bright indeed. This is clear from the fact that, at present, there is a shortage of sukuk. An Islamic money market still remains a dream and is yet to be developed due to differences in interpretation of Shari’ah requirements.”

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