ARC Linkage Success

A team lead by Professor Ralf Zurbrugg and including other Chief Investigators Dr Jean Canil and Professor Randy Stringer have been successful in obtaining an ARC Linkage grant for the project “Survival of Australia’s Family Farms: Credit Raising & Credit Access”.

Prof Zurbrugg says that the unique cooperation between the Business School and Prof Stringer from the Discipline of Agri-Food and Wine was vital in the success of the application. The industry partner, AWB, has been very supportive and will contribute continuously over the next three years with data, high level management input and industry contacts. Mr Colin Taylor, General Manager Financial Services, is the coordinator from AWB. Mr Taylor is a foundation member of the ICFS Advisory Board.

Click here to read the University’s media release.

This is one of a number of projects that have been generated with the support of ICFS Advisory Board members. Two other ARC Linkage applications have been submitted with the financial and in-kind support of Advisory Board members. In addition, two other projects are in the formation stage and may also result in further Linkage applications.

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