University of Adelaide and AMP to form SMSF Centre of Excellence

The International Centre for Financial Services (ICFS) at the University of Adelaide together with AMP have agreed to form a Centre of Excellence in self-managed super funds (SMFSs), the first of its kind in Australia. The centre is expected to be operational by the end of 2014.

Using AMP’s expansive SMSF database and the expertise of academics from one of Australia’s largest and most respected universities, the centre aims to provide greater insights into the motivations and behaviours of SMSF trustees.

The fragmented nature of the SMSF sector has made it difficult in the past for meaningful qualitative research to be undertaken but given the number of SMSFs AMP now administers, we are now in a good place to use raw data to identify trends, motivations and behaviours in this area.

As part of the agreement the centre will produce regular investment reports using the data provided by AMP, offering insights into trends and emerging issues around asset allocation in the SMSF segment.

The Centre will also produce an annual research paper which will look at the key issues affecting advisers, trustees and administrators. In addition to research, the centre will provide SMSF education to professionals and SMSF trustees. This will further strengthen the ICFS reputation as a leading provider of SMSF education and builds on the ICFS longstanding relationship with AMP-owned Cavendish.

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