Presentation by Mr Andrew Clifford, Platinum Asset Management

On 4th May 2016, The International Centre for Financial Services was pleased to host a presentation by Mr Andrew Clifford, Chief Investment Officer, Platinum Asset Management.

The audience of around 50 people, including Academics and students from the School of Accounting and Finance, heard Andrew share his current views on China, the US and the challenges facing investors today. His presentation was followed by an question and answer session.

Professor Zurbruegg said that Andrew Clifford provided a valuable insight into his investment philosophy, which is focused on determining what is happening in the ‘real economy’ rather than just examining financial market movements to decide what investments to make. As an example, he talked about get caught up on whether China has a large amount of non-performing loans in its banking sector, rather than looking at what Chinese consumers are now demanding and basing investment decisions on this. Regardless of stock prices rising and falling, the real economy does not fluctuate as much.

Andrew was a co-founder of Platinum Asset Management in 1994, in the capacity of director and Deputy Chief Investment Officer. Prior to that he was a Vice President of bankers trust Australia covering Asia equities and managing the BT Select Market trust – Pacific Basin Fund. In May 2013, Andrew was appointed Chief Investment Officer of Platinum.

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