FPA student presentation heralds a new age of professionalism in financial advice

WEB Fpa student event 3In August 2016, ICFS partnered with the Financial Planning Association to present an information session to students in the School of Accounting and Finance. Howard Cook, FPA’s Head of Academic Relations, focused on the significant opportunities available in pursuing a career in financial planning. He outlined some of the different career pathways within the financial planning industry, such as advising clients, paraplanning and management, as well as providing a comprehensive update on the changing education requirements for becoming a Financial Planner.

ICFS Director David White pointed to the demographic of an ageing population with an impending surge of retirees and the importance of them seeking professional advice as early as possible in respect of that transition. Current university students are particularly well placed to enter the industry with suitably qualified staff become increasingly in demand. ICFS itself frequently receives requests from industry participants for suitable graduates to employ. The demand for graduates is certain to escalate with many existing practitioners approaching retirement or being unprepared to meet higher educational requirements.

Today’s students also face the appealing prospect of these new educational standards leading to the financial advice industry finally attaining the status of a profession.

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