Richard Baldwin on the “New Globalisation”


On Thursday 9 March 2017, Professor Richard Baldwin addressed a luncheon meeting in Adelaide of the Committee of Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). He also gave a public lecture that evening at The University of Adelaide.

Professor Baldwin’s luncheon presentation can be downloaded HERE and the public lecture presentation can be downloaded HERE. Additional slides used during the Q&A session can be downloaded HERE.


Mr Hamilton Calder, CEDA State Director, South Australia and the Northern Territory


Ms Jane Drake-Brockman and Prof Richard Baldwin


Prof Richard Baldwin at the University of Adelaide


Prof Kym Anderson (left) and Prof Richard Baldwin (right)


Professor Baldwin also gave a public seminar at the Melbourne Business School on 10 March, organised in collaboration with the EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges in Melbourne. Following that he also participated in an informal discussion and made a presentation at Grattan Institute.

Listen to the public seminar podcast HERE and watch the video HERE.


Prof Richard Baldwin at the Melbourne Business School


From left to right: Ms Jane Drake-Brockman – Director, EU Centre for Global Affars, University of Adelaide, Prof Richard Baldwin, Professor W Max Corden – Emeritus Professor of International Economics, Johns Hopkins University, Ms Marian Schoen – Executive Director, Melbourne EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges and Mr Jim Minifie – Productivity Growth Program Director, Grattan Institute


Prof Richard Baldwin at Grattan Institute

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