Cadetship Experience

I started my cadetship at the beginning of the year working in the Medical School offices, one day a week. I really enjoy working there and I’ve learnt so much in the past couple months. Having this opportunity has allowed me to gain vital experience in a real workforce and has allowed me to gain knowledge through hands on activities that are directly related to research.

I highly recommend the cadetship program. Through it I have gained many opportunities and had experiences that I otherwise may not have had. Whilst it’s challenging to study and work at the same time, the University is a great help and I have a great team behind me who are extremely supportive. It’s definitely made me more organised and taught me a lot about working independently, whilst also in a team environment.

To anyone thinking about applying for a cadetship, my advice is to just go for it, you never know where you might end up.

– Courtney

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