Needing to Go Home?

Tertiary students and secondary students not at a secondary school can use ABSTUDY Fares Allowance for a range of circumstances:

  • travel at the start and end of studies
  • travel for study of more than 1 semester
  • compassionate travel
  • exam travel, and
  • graduation travel

You may be eligible to claim reimbursement for fares you have already undertaken, if you are eligible for ABSTUDY Tertiary travel.  There is also an ABSTUDY fares allowance claim form that you can download from the website (Search form type SY032).

It is recommend that you contact the ABSTUDY Call Centre on 1800 13 23 17 to discuss your individual circumstances and they can check your Centrelink record and advise if you have an eligibility to ABSTUDY Fares Allowance.

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