Cadetship Experience

Lenore Bagnara, Manager, Indigenous Engagement & Employment interviewed Shannon Robertson who is currently undertaking a cadetship in the Faculty of Science as a Research Assistant to give other students an insight into a cadetship.

Q: What do you like most when working one day per week at your cadetship?

A: A break from study while still feeling that I am doing what I need to do.

Q: What are the benefits that you see in doing the cadetship?

A: I am forming contacts in the environmental science field, and learning how to communicate with professionals. I am consolidating information learned in courses with practical application. Any task I am given or am involved In I pester my supervisors with lots of questions so that I can get the most value out of the experience.

Q: What would be some advice you would give to an Aboriginal student looking at doing a cadetship?

A: Having regular contact with people already working in the area that you are studying offers valuable work experience and best of all will boost your self-confidence. My advice would be don’t hold back just run with it and you will see the benefits. Cadetships offer a low stress, low pressure environment to hone your skills in working in your chosen area with the help of supportive staff members.

Q: Is there anything that is challenging about studying and doing the cadetship?

A:Time management is tricky if you have an assignment due on the day that you are working. With practice this becomes less of an issue-as you get used to having one less day to study you see it as a day off!

Q: Anything you might want to add!

A: We won’t change the world overnight but with practice we can optimise our engagement in work, representing Aboriginal Australia, helping to ensure that future generations can experience a safe and accepting community.

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