ARC TC-IWP attended Macrowine in Nyon, Switzerland

Following the Wartburg Flavor Chemistry symposium in Germany, Lieke van der Hulst and Duc-Truc Pham continued their travels in Europa into Switzerland. Both Lieke and Truc presented their research at the The Macrowine 2016, Macromolecules and Secondary Metabolites of Grapevine and Wine at Changings in Nyon, Switzerland (27–30 June, 2016). This conference focused on the understanding of the structure, evolution, role and physicochemical interactions of vine and wine metabolites and macromolecules, as well as emerging knowledge and technology in the vineyard and winery.

Lieke presenting MacrowineThe program was divided in four sections including viticulture, the analysis and chemistry of macromolecules and metabolites, the wine making processes and sensory analysis. The program comprised approximately 40 oral and 150 poster presentations and it was attended by over 200 participants from 20 different countries. Lieke presented her field trial on the use of a protective spray for possible prevention of smoke taint in the vineyard during her oral presentation ‘Impact of smoke exposure on the chemical composition of grapes’, which was a part of the ‘Modulators of aroma and taste’ session. The received feedback from fellow researchers has been of great value for Lieke, as well as the possible networking opportunities at several wine research and flavour institutes all over the world.

Truc poster presentingDr Duc-Truc Pham presented ‘Partial dealcoholisation of red wine by reverse osmosis-evaporative perstraction: impact on wine composition’ in the poster session. As a chemist, Truc was interested in a range of new developments and research findings in analytical techniques for determining the composition and sensory properties of grapes and wines, which could be of great benefit to the Australian wine industry and research community.

During the Macrowine symposium all students and researchers stayed together on a location a little outside the town of Nyon. This location was not only beautiful, with a spectacular view from Mt. Blanc across from Lake Geneva, but also encouraged personal and professional socializing amongst this enthusiastic group of researchers – leading to networking opportunities for new and upcoming scientists.

Lavaux wine region, Switzerland

Lavaux wine region, Switzerland

The Macrowine committee organised a tour that included visits to the wineries in the region of Lavaux, Geneva. This wine region is an UNESCO World heritage site that covers more than 900 hectares and has more than 1000 years history of wine and viticulture. The introduction to Chasselass wine, with a minerality characteristic for the region, was done through a special tasting with two wine makers from Lavaux. Overall, the symposium committee has done a great job on the professional as well as the social program.



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