ARC TC-IWP visiting the University of Turin, Italy

P9280003During a recent trip to visit family in Italy Rocco Longo held a seminar at the University of Turin in Alba (Piedmont, Italy). The purpose of the seminar, “Expand your career abroad: approaching the Australian wine industry”, was to present and discuss the opportunities for 2nd and 3rd-year students from the Bachelor Course in Viticulture and Oenology (University of Turin) in Australia. The seminar was a collaboration between Training Centre PhD student Rocco Longo and some of his former lecturers A/Prof Luca Rolle and A/Prof Silvia Guidoni.

During the seminar Rocco outlined the various steps to take to find work in the Australian wine industry, including visa requirements, job searching, work place selection and of course remuneration and cost of living Down Under. Rocco also touched upon PhD career opportunities in Australia and ARC TC-IWP activities. The lecture was very well received by both lecturers as well as a large group of very enthusiastic and inquisitive students.

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