ARC-TC IWP visits Chilean wine regions after bushfires

ChileDr Renata Ristic and Lieke van der Hulst have been invited by the Chilean wine industry to share their knowledge on smoke taint.  

Following bushfires in several wine regions throughout Chile an invitation was extended from Vinos de Chile to the ARC-TC IWP to share knowledge on the effects of smoke exposure on grapevine health, grape and wine quality. Dr Renata Ristic and PhD candidate Lieke van der Hulst travelled through the affected regions and visited wineries and vineyards in Cauquenes, Curicó and Colchagua Valley.

During a seminar in Talca on Wednesday the 15th of March Renata and Lieke presented research outcomes of different trials investigating the effects of grapevine exposure to smoke and vine recovery following bush fire. A short television report of the visit was produced as well by Central TVN Red Maule, found here, with interviews of seminar visitors and Renata. It was a fruitful trip with meetings with several producers and representatives from universities from Santiago and Talca, board directors from Vinos of Chile and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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